On their first CD,  named  solely “Daddy’s Funclub”, there is a very unique arrangement featuring an exceptional horn section. Also on the same CD, is their friend, rock guitarist/singer Dave O´Connor. On their Second CD ¨You Better Run¨, they introduced some slide and steel guitars and also there is a collaboration by an outstanding vocal trio
1. You should put that right
2. The clockwork king
3. You got away with the crime
4. Stuck on the road
5. Dance with me
6. You better run
7. The old granger
8. One shot gun
9. Aldwyn
10. The hero of their crimes
1. A new work for order
2. The bossy boots
3. Daddy's Funclub
4. Jenny public girl
5. Unlucky
6. The planet of tin
7. I'll see you along the road
8. Durango Van
9. My private paradise
10. The naughty pussycat
11.Your new doll
12. dave's maid's blues
13. The favour company